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P.S... A Column on Things

Yes, I am the Paul Schindler who predicted, in 1985, when the Macintosh was a year old, that it wouldn't be a success in business. I stand by that opinion. You can see the editorial  at 23:13 in this edition of The Computer Chronicles.

I am Benson High 70, MIT 74. I married Victoria Marlow (Westlake 64, Cal, Pitzer '68) in 1980; our daughters are Marlow Schindler and Rae Schindler. I live in Orinda, California.

In August, 2003, I was hired to teach 8th grade social studies (U.S. History). I took classes and earned my single subject California State Teaching Credentials for English and Social Studies, which allow me to teach in middle school and high school. I retired on June 13, 2014.

Since fall 2006, I have played tenor saxophone with the Danville Community Band, for which I have announced since its founding in 2001. From 1992-2006 I played with the Contra Costa Wind Symphony (aka the Lamorinda Town Band).

Previously, I worked for various publications and media projects covering the computer industry. Nearly all were owned by CMP Media, Manhasset, N.Y. I worked there for 22 years with two service breaks, the most recent coming in 1988-89.

I started with CMP in 1979 at Computer Systems News and worked at Information Systems News, InformationWEEK, PCVision, WINDOWS Magazine, First-TV and CMPNet. See a detailed description of my work history.

Before 1979, I worked for AP, UPI, and the now-defunct Oregon Journal. In 1977 I worked for a year in public relations at Bank of America world headquarters in San Francisco.

In 1979, I wrote Aspirin Therapy: Reducing Your Risk of Heart Disease, sadly now out of print.

As a broadcaster, I worked at KBPS-AM (announcer, disc jockey, engineer), KVAN (underground rock disk jockey, engineer) and KLIQ (talk show host) in Portland, Ore. I was a transmitter engineer at WCRB, Waltham, Mass. and a studio engineer at KGW-TV, Portland, Ore. and WBZ-TV, Boston. At WTBS-FM, Cambridge, Mass. (then the 10-watt MIT radio station, now called WMBR), I was a newscaster, stand-up comedian (The New Eugene Oregon Show) and producer (various radio dramas and the musical tragedy, Sam Patch, The Greatest Story Ever Told So Far). I was the weekly software reviewer for the late PBS program The Computer Chronicles (1984-1992), as well as a commentator (1987-88) and a regular on what was the Christmas show and became the Annual Buyers Guide show (1985-1999). The show went out of production during its 20th year, in December, 2002. I also appeared on the game shows Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy, Scrabble , Win Ben Stein's Money and Merv Griffin's Crosswords .

I earned a Bachelor of Science degree in management from MIT in 1974. I was editor-in-chief of volume 93 of The Tech at MIT in 1973-74. My stories can be found by searching the index.

California AIDS Ride 4

From June 1 to June 7, 1997, I rode in California AIDS Ride 4, presented by Tanqueray. This is a 570 mile bicycle ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles to raise money for AIDS prevention and research. I completed every mile of the ride. I have posted two documents on this site, very simple HTML documents: a summary of the ride and an achingly detailed journal.

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