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In August, 2003, Paul E. Schindler Jr. was hired to teach 8th grade social studies (U.S. History). He took classes and earned his single subject California State Teaching Credentials for English and Social Studies, which allow him to teach in middle school and high school. He retired on June 13, 2014.

Since fall 2006, he has played tenor saxophone with the Danville Community Band, for which he has announced since its founding in 2001. From 1992-2006 he played with the Contra Costa Wind Symphony (aka the Lamorinda Town Band).

Previously, he worked for various publications and media projects covering the computer industry. Nearly all were owned by CMP Media, Manhasset, N.Y. He worked there for 22 years with two service breaks, the most recent coming in 1988-89.

He started with CMP in 1979 at Computer Systems News and worked at Information Systems News, InformationWEEK, PCVision, WINDOWS Magazine, First-TV and CMPNet. See a detailed description of his work history.

Before 1979, Schindler worked for AP, UPI, and the now-defunct Oregon Journal. He also worked for a year in public relations at Bank of America world headquarters in San Francisco. In 1979, he wrote Aspirin Therapy: Reducing Your Risk of Heart Disease, sadly now out of print.

As a broadcaster, he worked at KBPS-AM (announcer, disc jockey, engineer), KVAN (underground rock disk jockey, engineer) and KLIQ (talk show host) in Portland, Ore. He was a transmitter engineer at WCRB, Waltham, Mass. and a studio engineer at KGW-TV, Portland, Ore. and WBZ-TV, Boston. At WTBS-FM, Cambridge, Mass. (then the 10-watt MIT radio station, now called WMBR), he was a newscaster, stand-up comedian (The New Eugene Oregon Show) and producer (various radio dramas and the musical tragedy, Sam Patch, The Greatest Story Ever Told So Far). He was the weekly software reviewer for the late PBS program The Computer Chronicles (1984-1992), as well as a commentator (1987-88) and a regular on what was the Christmas show and became the Annual Buyers Guide show (1985-1999). The show went out of production during its 20th year, in December, 2002. He has also appeared on the game shows Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy, Scrabble , Win Ben Stein's Money and Merv Griffin's Crosswords .

He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in management from MIT in 1974. He was editor-in-chief of volume 93 of The Tech at MIT in 1973-74. His stories can be found by searching the index.

In his spare time he likes to... he has no spare time. His hobbies are collecting journalism movies, journalism books and journalism quotes. He loves the Firesign Theatre.

California AIDS Ride 4

From June 1 to June 7, 1997, Schindler rode in California AIDS Ride 4, presented by Tanqueray. This is a 570 mile bicycle ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles to raise money for AIDS prevention and research. He completed every mile of the ride. He has posted two documents on this site, very simple HTML documents: a summary of the ride and an achingly detailed journal.

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