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James Adams
Information Warfare 08.05.98

Gil Amelio
Apple Can Be Saved 04.17.98

Cameron Barrett
Fired for Fiction 03.31.98

Julie Bick
Inside Microsoft 06.25.98

Jon Carroll
Life+Internet = News 07.21.97

Vint Cerf
Father of the Net 10.22.98

Ron Chernow
Comparing Gates to Rockefeller 07.16.98

Richard Conway
Domain Name Squatter 01.26.98

Esther Dyson
Taking Responsibility 11.10.97

Tom Evans
GeoCities' CEO. 04.24.98

Dennis "Thresh" Fong
Quake Champ

John-Louis Gassee
Apple Past, Be Future 07.21.98

John Gilmore
Why Encryption Matters 02.11.98

Alex Haddox
Tracking Virus Hoaxes 07.16.98

Larry Harvey
Founder of Burning Man 03.01.98

Brian Jeffrey
E-commerce Analyst 02.10.98

Steven Johnson
Interface as Metaphor 12.01.97

Jason Kelly
Y2K, already too late? 07.08.98

Scott Kurnit
CEO of The Mining Company 03.11.98

Starr Long
Ultima's Online Chaos 01.16.98

Dan Marusich
Apple's Web Store 07.21.98

Timothy McVeigh
AOL Victim?

Richard Metzger
Raw, Unmediated Information 01.09.98

Call Morrell
What Do Gamers Want? 11.15.97

Tim O'Reilly
Open Source Advocate 04.07.98

Jeff Papows
Free Source's Unsustainability 05.13.98

Mark Pesce
VRML, After the Hype 03.13.98

Kim Polese
Toward Net Nirvana 10.24.97

Jeff Pulver
Phone Home Online 03.11.98

Eric Raymond
Open Source Advocate 04.07.98

Gary Reback
Microsoft Nemesis 02.24.98

Wendy Goldman Rohm
Gates Revealed

John Romero
Beyond Quake

Charles Rule
Microsoft Defender 05.19.98

Paul Saffo
More Net Middlemen? 05.05.98

David Samuel
Tuning Up Net Radio 04.29.98

Robert Seidman
Net Columnist

Kara Swisher
Author, aol.com

Michael Tchong
Tracking E-Commerce 05.01.98

Linus Torvalds
Linux Creator

Larry Wall
Perl Creator

David Weir
Managing Editor, Salon Magazine 09.23.98

Todd Rundgren
Musician/Programmer 08.04.97

Brewster Kahle
Archived the Internet 07.16.97

David Siegel
Wandering a Visual Wasteland 11.26.97

Linus Torvalds
The creator of the freeware operating system Linux talks about the nature of the freeware process, the business models that work for freeware, and future directions for the movement.


Dennis Fong
How is it that the soft-spoken Dennis Fong is among the most feared warriors in the online world of Quake?


Esther Dyson
Esther Dyson says we must accept responsibility for what happens online.


David Siegel
David Siegel says that in his world, the designer is king.


Vint Cerf
Vint Cerf talks about his hopes for the Internet he helped create.